Work Out Strategies. What are Your Goals??

What MAKES a bikini body? Super flat abs with a cute little caboose of course!

Bikini babes are the booty stars of the bodybuilding world. 

While other divisions, such as figure and physic, put more emphasis on shoulders bikini is all about that base!

So How do You Get those Perfect Glutes?

Which exercise strategy you use depends on your goals. 

For an overall lean muscle build you are looking at working the entire body every time you train (a full body circuit) with higher reps (15-20). This is the strategy I use 98% of the time. With this strategy you become toned over all with nice defined muscle without getting TOO bulky.

That said, there are times when it is desirable to bulk up.



Back in 2016 I went through a crisis which affected both my career and my personal life. It felt as if I was losing everything important to me, total loss of control, and I needed to start my life from scratch.

Emotionally this threw me into survival mode and I coped in the best way I know how. Lots of exercise to burn off the stress and diet control. My rational was that "they" could take everything from me, but they didn't get to take the body I had worked so hard for!

Because all this went down a few months after my last competition, my body was already super lean. Add a couple hours of aerial training and no cheat days into the mix and, for the first time in my adult life, I was in danger of getting TOO thin.

(Me at 109 lbs. When not competing, my sweet spot is 113-115 lbs)


To clarify, I was not, and have never been, anorexic or bulimic. I was eating a super healthy diet with plenty of veggies and lean protein, but the calories were insufficient to support my body in this stressed state.

I lost a lot of my curves (mainly booty) and my confidence took a hit. Nothing ages a girl like being TOO THIN!

When you are a small girl, weight is a balancing act.

A three to five-pound loss or gain is visible on a small frame and it makes a difference.

I wanted to fill my figure out without losing the flat tummy that I work so hard for.

So, what was the solution?

Eat More Fat??

Fats do deposit in the gluteal area and could help to re inflate my booty, BUT they also deposit in the lower abs. Because of my bodies propensity to gain weight first and foremost in the dreaded belly button region, I am always wary about purposely putting on fat and how to control its distribution.

Once again it was

Bill to the Rescue!! 

Instead of upping my fat we decided to up protein, as the muscles were becoming soft from excess use, and change up my workout routine, for a better fit, with my aerial intensive lifestyle.

Essentially, aerials (I practice aerial silks)

Are an intense, weight bearing cardio exercise.

Because of this, I was no longer in need of a high intensity interval gym protocol. My metabolism was plenty high, thank you very much, and what I needed to do was encourage my body to keep muscle bulk without breaking down anything extra.

We did this by scaling back my gym training to only 3 days per week and moving to a more traditional workout of heavier weights with fewer reps and rest time in between.

Where previously I was working my entire body on a circuit 5 days a week, I was now only working 2 opposing muscle groups 3 times a week.


I know.  It can get a bit wordy and complicated to try to explain in a blog post so instead I will just give you the examples.

My new exercise regime looked like this

Legs (sample workout)

2-3 leg exercises (for example leg press, curls and extensions) 4-5 sets of each with 8-12 reps per set. 1-3 min rest in between each set

Leg Press set 1: 210 lbs 12 reps

1-3 min rest

Leg Press set 2: 300 lbs 12 reps

1-3 min rest

Leg Press set 3: 390 lbs 10 reps

1-3 min rest

Leg Press set 4: 480 lbs 8 reps

1-3 min rest

Leg Press set 5: 570 lbs 8 reps

1-3 min rest

Leg Curls set 1: 70 lbs 12 reps

1-3 min rest

Leg Curls set 2: 80 lbs 12 reps

1-3 min rest

Leg Curls set 3: 90 lbs 10 reps

1-3 min rest

Leg Curls set 4: 100 lbs 8 reps

1-3 min rest

Leg Extensions set 1: 60 lbs 12 reps

1-3 min rest

Leg Extensions set 2: 70 lbs 12 reps

1-3 min rest

Leg Extensions set 3: 80 lbs 10 reps

1-3 min rest

Leg Extensions set 4: 90 lbs 8 reps


Do you see how the weight gets higher and the reps get lower with each set?

Repeat this strategy, with whatever weight works for you, for all exercises. When choosing the amount of weight to use pay attention to the intended reps.

What does 300 lbs feel like for YOU on the leg press? Are you capable of doing 12 reps at this weight?? Can you do more?


Weight should feel heavy and final reps should be a struggle. If you feel you could comfortably do more than 12 reps, then weight is too light and needs to be increased. Conversely, if you only manage 6 and then need to be rescued from the machine (yes I have found myself trapped under the leg press before) then weight is too heavy and should be adjusted down.

The long rests between reps allow heart rate to lower. General goal here is not to break a sweat because we are trying to lift WITHOUT increasing metabolism. 

Long rests also allow muscles to re oxygenate and recover so that you can lift heavier then you normally could with high intensity circuit training.


For my new schedule I grouped chest/ shoulders with triceps and back with biceps for a weekly schedule that looked like this.




Back and Biceps


Chest/ Shoulders and Triceps


Abs were worked at the end of each training session.


After a few months my metabolism had re balanced itself and my body returned to normal.

When I saw the pounds start inching up again I resumed my standard high intensity interval training.

The Take Away From all This

Your body and metabolism do change based on where you are in life and it's important to choose a workout that meets your current needs.

If you are confused as to which exercise and eating plan is right for you OR want to contribute helpful information of your own, feel free to contribute below or subscribe for more information.

Let Me Give YOU the SKINNY!!






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