The Secret to Perfect Abs- In 5 Steps

Believe it or not, we all have a six-pack (for some of us it is just hidden beneath our keg and donuts!

The abdominal muscles are the"core" of the body, the root of our power, and as such, they are used in every exercise (even breathing!)

The key to a six-pack is not defining the abdominal muscles and making them stronger (although we definitely recommend it for general health), the REAL key is shedding the fat and allowing their bulging beauty to shine through!!

So How is This Done?

The ease with which your six pack will show is largely based on genetics.

Where Do You Store Fat?

If you are like me, then the first place you gain weight and the last place you will lose it is your lower belly.

Thank You Genetics! (note the sarcasm)

If you are prone to carrying extra weight in the belly, vs the breast, bum or thighs, remember



It will just be more work.

Believe me, there have been many days when I have watched more fortunate friends casually munch fat-filled snacks and sworn to book myself in for cool sculpting!!

To Achieve a Six Pack the Natural Way

Here are my 

TOP 5 TIPS- to melt the fat and keep it away!

1. Eat Lean- I recently experimented with the keto diet on the advice of a friend. Unfortunately after 4 months the only thing I have to show for it is an extra 5 lbs in the lower belly.

Wondered why I stopped wearing bikinis in my cooking videos?? Looking pregnant when you aren't is never sexy!! While there are many diets for weight loss, I personally have never come across one as effective as low-fat.

2. Bye, Bye Alcohol! Yes, I know. Sad but true. Any day you have a drink is a cheat day.  I save mine up for 1x every wk or 2 and then I go whole hog!

Alcohol (regardless of how many calories they advertise) is one of the quickest ways to put on belly weight and ruin your abs. Why do you think they call it a beer belly??

3. High-Intensity Interval Training- Tempted to spend hours on the treadmill? Don't! Studies have shown that High-Intensity Interval Training is much more effective for weight loss.

Cross Fit, Insanity, Plyometrics, and Kickboxing are all excellent ways to up the metabolism and burn off that excess fat!! 

4. Bosu Ball Squat Press- There are two specific exercises that I add into my gym routine any time I see the dreaded 5 excess lbs start to creep back. Number one is Bosu Ball Squat Press.

To Do: Choose dumbells that are heavy enough that pressing them overhead is difficult but still manageable (you should be able to do 15 reps and be sweating and breathing heavily by the end). My weight for this is 20lbs each side but the exact amount depends on the person.

Stand on top of a Bosu Ball with weights resting on shoulders, squat down and then straighten, as you straighten lift weights to touch overhead, lower weights back to shoulders as you squat a second time and repeat for three rounds of fifteen (or 20).

Incorporate this exercise into your workout 2-5x a wk for a minimum of four weeks to see results.

5. Squat Jumps- When I add Bosu Ball Squat Presses into my workouts I also incorporate Bosu Ball Squat Jump. The combo of these two exercises helps me to shed weight like nothing else! The also make breathing seem like a luxury....

To Do: Stand on Bosu Ball, jump down into a squat position with feet to each side, and slightly forward, of Bosu Ball and rear end perched on Bosu Ball. 

Do Not Rest Here!!

Immediately jump back up to stand on Bosu Ball and repeat for three rounds of fifteen to twenty reps.

Note: Most exercise videos show person landing on feet in a squat position slightly in front of Bosu Ball. THIS IS NOT DEEP ENOUGH for our purpose. Landing with your bum on the Bosu Ball is MUCH deeper and infinitely more effective!!

As your body adjusts to the exercise and it becomes easier, add in weight to make jumps more challenging. I do these with a twenty lb kettlebell but that is likely something you will want to work up to.

Remember: Perfect abs are not always easy, any site saying otherwise is lying. That's why it's a fitness goal!! But we all have them somewhere.

Unfortunately for most of us, just eating healthy OR exercising isn't enough. It's a combination of the two.


So get out there and make your washboard stomach a reality. 



Feel free to post any questions or comments.

I'm here to help!

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Let me give you the skinny!!

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