Home Workout #3

Hi All!

I hope you are enjoying these workouts as much as I am!

Today we are doing a 30 min, full body, high-intensity workout with a focus on the core.

The core (our abdominals) is the seat of our power and they are used in EVERY exercise we do.

We all have a 6 pack (some of us are just hiding it behind our spare tire!)

That said, it can be very satisfying to really BLAST those muscles on occasion and really get those abs pumped!


TRX (or low couch/chair to rest the foot on)

Kettle Bell

Bosu Ball

Appropriate Weights FOR YOU


Remember this workout is HIGH INTENSITY. That means no rest unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY! Keep water close by and to your best to push through.




Feel free to post any questions or comments.

I'm here to help!

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