Fat Free Zucchini Chips- They Must be Heaven Sent

Want to incorporate as many veggies into your diet as possible?

Sick high calorie grocery store kale chips and crackers?

Look on further! This super lean recipe is tasty and easy to make!

Because I believe everyone should be FREE TO SNACK!


Let Us Handle the Guilt.....


3 zucchinis

1/3 cup water (add more at the end if needed)

1/2 lemon

Nutritional Yeast, Garlic and Salt as desired


Slice Zucchini thinly with a knife, mandolin or spiralizer.

Combine remaining ingredients in mixing bowl

Thinly coat zucchini slices

Place slices flat (not overlapping) onto dehydrator tray

Check every couple hours until desired consistency is reached.

(should be dry and crisp)



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