Fat-Free, Sugar-Free, 5 Minute Caramel Sauce

Did you know that caramel is full of fat?? I didn't!

Not until I started searching recipes. 

Since I had never made caramel before I just assumed it was melted sugar and done!

As it turns out, I was very wrong! Luckily I found a fat-free recipe on The Vegan Corner which I was able to adapt.


1 1/3 Tbsp Water

4 Tbsp Monksfruit

1 1/3 Tbsp Plain Yogurt (regular or vegan)

1 1/3 Tbsp Oat Milk

1 dropper vanilla stevia (or 5 drops vanilla extract for stronger caramel flavor)


Combine Water and Monkfruit in Pot

Heat Over Medium Heat for approx. 10 min

Turn off Heat and Stir in Remaining Ingredients

Use Immediately Before Mixture can Cool and Harden




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