Garlic Honey Cold Remedy

For Centuries Garlic and Honey have been used as Natural Health Remedies to treat common colds and throat infections. 

Both are antiviral and antibacterial.

Garlic contains a substance called allicin which boosts white blood cells fighting activity in the body to help destroy the common cold. 

In studies, garlic improved immune function by over 60%.

Honey is both a potent antibacterial and antiviral and has been used since ancient times as a medicinal and food supplement.

According to the Mayo Clinic Honey soothes a throat infection and is an effective cough suppressant. 

What a wonder duo!

Years ago, while living in Dublin, I was DYING from a winter cold.

Ok, so not ACTUALLY dying but I did kind of wish I was dead....

Fever, chills and drowning in mucus. It was not pretty!!!!!

A friend of mine was a herbalist from New Zealand and presented me with a big, beautiful jar of chopped garlic and honey.

garlic honey remedy

While this may not sound appetizing to everyone, I INHALED this concoction over the next few days.

I get really nauseous when sick and it was all I wanted to eat. 

Garlic and honey is actually a brilliant combination because of the way in which garlic has to be used.

You see, garlic is only active for a cold in its raw form, cooking inactivated allicin and renders garlic's antiviral properties useless.

However, raw garlic KILLS the stomach in large doses and can cause nausea and burning sensations.


Because honey is a stomach SOOTHER, it helps to mediate garlic's more corrosive qualities, allowing you to eat MORE garlic without all the digestive upset.

To reap the full benefit of this combo, it is necessary to soak the chopped garlic in honey for at least a month. I have tried simply chopping fresh garlic into honey and found that, if fresh, the mixture does not prevent garlic from irritating the stomach lining.

In this case, it really is a matter of age before youth! (ie be prepared, make this mixture in advance!)


1 Bulb Garlic

1 Jar Raw Honey


Chop Garlic

Stir Garlic into Honey

Potentize in Fridge (minimum 1 month)




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