The Essentials of Time

Picture this, a studio full of women finishing up an intense workout. 

They have put in the time, gotten their sweat on! And, despite a few cheats, their diet is pretty good over all. 

Yet, despite regular attendance their bodies are still a bit soft and lacking in defined muscle.


How can so many woman diet and workout and still not achieved a defined bicep??

Are they not lifting heavy enough?

Its definitely possible.  

Many women are so scared of being "manish" that they have a tendency to under work their arms.

However, I take silks classes with many women who, despite regular attendance to what amounts to a strenuous upper body sport, remain soft and undefined.

My arms have definitely gotten leaner and ripped out since taking up the silks so why haven't theirs?

Well fat covers muscle. Maybe they aren't dieting hard enough.

Also likely true. But fat over bulky muscle still shows muscle bulk, the cut lines just aren't there (think power lifters) add to this that most these girls are pretty healthy over all (there aren't many heavy girls doing silks, although there are always exceptions.)

No there has to be something more to it and there is! 



I see people make isn't related to diet or exercise (at least not directly).


Protein timing to be exact.

When I started training with my trainer Bill, he had a hard rule on protein timing. 

20g with in 30 min of completing the workout.

What if I just ate 30g right before training?

Doesn't matter!

You see every time you exercise you are breaking down muscle mass and that's OK IF you give the body the fuel it needs to build muscle up again. 

In order to help your muscles to grow and be strong you want to come in with new protein directly after a workout. This encourages the body to take this new protein and use it to rebuild and repair muscles instead of breaking down existing muscle mass.

I always encourage clients to eat 20g of protein both before and directly after a workout.

It doesn't matter if the protein is animal of vegan source, it can even be a protein powder, just as long as you get it in to you!!!  

So when you go to workout always remember




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