Pro Tips 101- EAT YOUR WAY SLIM!

How DO you get that bikini body?  What is the deal with all these perfect little bikini girls? Are they just genetically gifted?? Yes and No....

Unfortunately, we cannot all be blessed with the curves of Sophia Vergara. We are all stuck with the frame we were given. Some of us eat and eat and eat but still stay slim (skinny fat), others are lucky enough to put on weight in socially desirable areas such as the breast and buttocks vs abs and calves. That said, we can ALL maximize our potential and build a strong, healthy bikini body we can be proud of!

10 Little Tips to Help TIP the Scales in Your Favor

1. Eat as Many Vegetables as Possible

Veggies are super low in fat (avocados, actually a fatty fruit, not included) and packed with fiber and phyto nutrients (healthy plant stuff!).

Any time I am preparing to eat I am constantly thinking "Where are my vegetables?" I aim for 10 servings of veggies a day or as many as I can fit into my tummy. This HAS to be achieved before I let myself move on to desired snacks. 

The reason? If I'm stuffed with low cal veggies I have less appetite for junkie yummy crud and am A LOT less likely to over eat. 



2. Feed Your Muscles

If exercising the average person needs approx. 60 grams of protein or more per day to help build muscle and prevent muscle breakdown.


Simply put, when you exercise muscle is broken down and rebuilt. In order to rebuild effectively, the protein building blocks must be there and available for use. If that is not the case then breakdown out paces build up and muscles get weaker, softer and less bulky.

Exact protein consumption varies depending on body weight. The general rule of thumb is 1 gram per 1 lb. of muscle weight. As a 115 lb. woman my needs are approx. 60 grams.

For more precise personal calculations see here 

3. 3 grams of FAT or LESS

When it comes to snacks I generally stick to a 3 grams of fat or less rule.


Over and over I tell my clients to READ nutrition labels and ingredients lists. It's super easy, there is no special skill to it. When contemplating purchase simply turn over, read, and if it doesn't fit guidelines then replace and curse food manufacturer as you search for other options. DONE!

Added oils to snacks and prepackaged foods are the number 1 reason (in my opinion) that people find it virtually impossible to lose weight.

It's so discouraging and unfair! We work and work, depriving ourselves in the process, to lose weight and even then, nothing happens. What's the point? Might as well binge....

I completely understand this mentality and I feel you. That said, if you follow these guidelines (namely veggies and lean protein 1st) and learn to read labels I PROMISE that you WILL see a difference. 


4. NO MORE than 10 grams of Fat (preferably 5) per meal

Same principle as the 3 grams of fat rule but slightly less stringent because a meal is larger and more filling then a snack.

Transitioning from a high fat to low-fat diet can be hard. When I first began I literally thought the cravings would kill me!!! And it seemed like there was NOTHING I could eat. After the first 3 to 6 months it becomes a lot easier and now low fat bodybuilder is just my routine (no extra thought required).

When starting out it might be best to start with 5 grams of fat in snacks and 10 gram or less per meal and inch your way down as the body adjusts.

When choosing meals, it is best to either make yourself or buy prepackaged as most restaurants still do not provide nutrient or ingredient information.


6. Get the Most BANG for your Buck


The worst part of a diet, and the reason most people yo-yo is because of the misconception that diet = hunger.

IT DOESN'T!! And actually, technically, this is a healthy eating plan for life so screw calorie counting and portion control! 

The absolute best way to cut calories without being hungry is to go for the most filling forms of food.

Don't waste calories on high cal coffees and soft drinks. I personally just do a bit of stevia (0 calorie, natural sweetener) and a scoop of collagen in my coffee and I drink zevia (0 calorie soda made from stevia) or kombucha instead of soda.

When I first started this diet, I did a lot of green protein smoothies (I even went through a phase where I drank my egg whites this way). Now though I prefer bulkier food such as chopped veg, cooked a variety of ways, and beans to fill my tummy.


7.PUT IT BACK! Let Laziness Work for You

Grocery store visits can make or break a diet. I can't even tell you how many times I wanted a cheat, but it didn't happen because I was too lazy to go and buy it.

Let your lack of motivation work for you for a change! 

For a number of years, I lived with a friend who struggled with her weight. She was always trying to diet but it never lasted. I could always predict if she was going to fall off the diet train or not based on her groceries.

If you KNOW that chips and chocolate aren't on your eating plan, then why bring them home? If you have a family so what? Sorry if that sounds mean but it doesn't change anything. Eating healthy isn't just about feeling good. It's about enabling yourself and those you love to have a long and healthy life.

Put like that how could you possibly feel like a bad mother for providing a healthy home and showing your family how to care for their bodies. Healthy wives/ mothers/ girlfriends deserve a medal!!

Back to shopping... if you can't avoid that sweet impulse buy then try shopping online. Just have a set list, enter those items every wk and done.



8. Get Creative

It kills me when people say that healthy eating is boring. If you are doing the standard sad crappy salad (ie iceberg lettuce with 3 slices of cucumber and a couple cherry tomatoes) then of course you will be bummed out. I'm bummed out for you!

I actually rarely order salads when I'm out because it's usually just a big bowl of lettuce, garnished with enough added toppings to try and justify the price. Just because I'm healthy DOES NOT mean I don't enjoy eating!

Luckily there are loads of different types of veggies out there and more and more creative ways to make then. Check out the recipe section of this blog for ideas and resources

9. Don't Leave Home Without It!

OK so you currently have the inside of your home on lock. Fridge and presses chock full of healthy ingredients. What could go wrong??

Well unfortunately at some point we all must leave the house and venture into the real world. Temptation is everywhere!!!!

Unfortunately, given the current high fat craze, it can be very difficult to find a healthy snack in keeping with our bikini diet. 

Annoying but alright because we are prepared!!! Simply keep a selection of your healthy snacks in your car and/or your purse. That way if you get hungry you aren't as tempted.


10. Beans are Your Friends

As mentioned above, bulk is key. Put the focus on what you NEED to eat vs what you can't eat and this all gets A LOT easier...

With that in mind, beans and lentils are wonderfully amazing fillers. For the most part, they are bland which makes them versatile (think chili's, stir fries, curries, dips etc) AND they are both low/ no fat and chock full of fiber (to fill you up)

You can buy canned beans if you aren't used to cooking and are feeling a bit overwhelmed. However, I encourage you to soak and sprout your beans if possible (simply soak in water 8-12 hrs, rinse and let stand at room temp for a day) as this helps you to digest the beans more easily.

Any idea what a bloated skinny girl looks like? PREGNANT! 


(Don't let This Happen to You)


In reality, there are many more then just 10 things that you can do to help cut fat and stay on your chosen eating plan. Drink plenty of water, avoid comfort eating, find other ways to manage stress... and on and on.

All of these tips are helpful and important, but I wanted to give you something super practical you could get your teeth into instead of just regurgitating everyone else's advice.

Do any of you REALLY not know you should be drinking water?? Be honest!

I hope that the above tips can help inspire you to see your dietary challenges in a different way and encourage you to get out there and try. 


If you have any questions or helpful tips of your own, we would love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading and happy dieting! 

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