Epic Cheats

So it's your cheat day!!!!!

What will you do??

Nooo... Not that! 


Maybe I should explain, the wonderful, amazing thing about this pain in the butt diet is that it comes with a full-on cheat day!

A cheat day is when you eat anything your heart desires and it's A OK.

You mean I can eat cookies, ice cream and pizza without gaining weight?




You see your body is a reflection of how you live your life 80% of the time (ever heard of the 80/20 rule??) so if you are living the life of a bikini babe 6 days a week, you can live like a frat boy on the 7th.

But isn't binge eating unhealthy?

Please understand, I am not advocating stuffing your face til you puke (although as you adjust to a low-fat lifestyle, your body's ability to handle high fat foods will dramatically decrease).

The fact is that, because there is a threshold to how much weight your body can gain in a day, it is best to put everything you crave into 1 day a week if you want to stay bikini fit.

When higher calorie food is consumed in smaller amounts every day (or every other day) the way most people "treat" themselves, calories are consumed over a longer period of time and the body WILL gradually put on weight.

I have done a lot of experimenting with cheat days over the years and have found that I can "get away with" 2 cheat days a week after competing (actually it takes about a week for me to get myself back under control).

(With friend post competition. She competes in physic category)


After my sinful week of pleasure, I can sustain 2 cheat days a week for about 2-3 months before I start losing my abs. 

Currently, because I haven't competed for 3 yrs, I'm having to do mini diets which consist of 2-3 weeks of no cheats in order to ward off the pounds and I know that I'll either need to suck it up and do another competition soon or find another way to shock my metabolism. 

More on this in future articles....

In the beginning (the first year or two) it was harder for me to control my cheat days. 

(Greedy Me!)


The cravings were so strong I would end up just eating junk. While part of me was disgusted, the other part really enjoyed consuming things that I had deprived myself of for years! 

Now I'm seasoned enough to still maintain control and focus my cheat days on consuming all the fats my body isn't getting rest of the week (coconut, nut butters, avocado etc).

I really do feel that I consume enough fat for health on a daily basis but, BECAUSE this aspect of the diet is still highly debated, I prefer to fat load one day a week just in case.... I'm a better safe than sorry kinda girl!

Can everyone cheat?

Cheat days and the number depend on your goals. While cheat days do not lead to weight gain (if only done once a week) they DO slow fat loss. So, I recommend abstaining from cheat days until your goal weight is reached.

What if I never cheat?

What are you? Superwoman??? I'm sure even Gillian Michaels cheats!!! 

All kidding aside, from a practical perspective I encourage incorporating a cheat day BECAUSE without one (in the short term) you can actually drop down to become too thin and in the long term you risk your body becoming too used to the diet, which makes maintaining weight loss much more difficult.

To Summarize

A cheat day is a great way to break up the monotony of a diet, prevent excess weight loss and shock the system to keep metabolism high!! 

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Let me give you the skinny!!


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