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Ok so despite the egocentricity not everything is about me PROMISE! My real goal here is to help educate, motivate and get you that bikini body in the safest and healthiest way possible!



My Background

I started my own health journey back in 2003. While living in Dublin, Ireland I received my BA in nutrition and began seeing clients.  

Although my dream was to take on the serious cases such as heart disease, MS and infertility EVERYTHING THAT CAME IN MY DOOR WAS WEIGHT LOSS!! And you know what? I sucked at it!


(Me on My Office Floor)


I did everything I was taught to and I stayed true to all of my training. Avoid sugars and carbs, incorporate healthy fats because healthy fats boost the metabolism and increase fat burning (sound familiar??)

The problem was that, despite all my amazingly educated advice, very few of my clients actually lost weight


So, They Must Be Cheating!

It couldn't possibly be that my expensive education and hundreds of nutrition gurus were wrong. I'm sure the young woman on my couch crying with frustration was just sneaking chocolate bars and chips behind my back.

Or Was She??

Even though I was being paid to give other people weight loss advice, I myself was nowhere near my perfect body.


Me in 2007- Healthy Fat (Paleo Type) Diet with Cardio

(Me in 2007 on a High Fat Diet with Cardio Exercise Plan and Yoga)

And if I wasn't seeing my perfect results than, how could they?

I had actually given up on ever achieving my perfect body (maybe it just wasn't in the cards for me genetically??) when I had the fortune to meet Bill Crawford, Owner of SD Combat Academy ( )

I was referred to Bill by a friend because I was looking for a personal trainer. Unbeknownst to me, Bill only agrees to train professional athletes, so my friend fudged the truth and told him that I wanted to do bodybuilding competitions (gulp and horror!)

Blissfully unaware I walked into the lair and Bill's words to me were "So J__ says you want to do competitions!"

ME: Suuuure.....

And with that a partnership was formed


(Me and Bill, I'm the mouse)


I started training with Bill for 30 min 5x a wk (yes you read that right. It only takes 30 min sessions to get bikini fit!) More on this in later posts.....

For 6 months we ONLY focused on gym work (I think he thought that high intensity intervals until I wanted to puke, on most mornings was enough trauma to assimilate). NO changes were made to my diet for the 1st 6 months

(Closer to My Ideal Me but Not Quite There Yet...)


Then after 6 months we chose my first competition. It was diet time!!!

For 2 months pre-competition we used a low fat diet high in veg and protein to melt that stubborn belly fat away.


(Me at My 1st Competition)


Okay but Wait!!!!

Isn't Healthy Fat Good For You??

According to Forks Over Knives (documentary)

and professional bodybuilders everywhere, not only is healthy fat not conductive to weight loss, it actually causes you to gain weight. Broken down into simple terms, for weight loss, calories in need to be less the calories out. END OF STORY!

Although fat is super yummy, and no one wants to believe it, all fats are a very concentrated source of calories. The human body is designed to hold on to calorie rich foods and store weight. Those who had the most stored fuel survived the famine.

Now that food is plentiful it is much much easier to consume calories then burn them. 

For Example:

A medium mocha is 290 cal and takes approx 28 min to RUN off

A 1/4 pizza is 449 cal and takes approx 43 min to RUN off

A serving of almonds (23 almonds) is 162 cal and takes approx 16 min to RUN off

An avocado is 234 cal and takes and takes approx 23 min to RUN off

While an apple is only 90 cal and takes approx 9 min to run off


I know these are only a few examples and exact calories burned will vary depending on metabolism, but are you seeing a pattern here? And don't forget we eat multiple times a day...


(My 2nd Competition. NO RUNNING REQUIRED!)


Where Do the Fats Come From?

I've been telling clients for years that it is actually impossible to eat and NOT consume fats. 

Did you know that every single cell in an animal’s body (all animals, no exception) is wrapped in a fatty acid (fat) membrane? It's a must that allows cells to function.

Did you also know that every single cell in a plant is also wrapped in a fatty membrane (called plant sterols).

According to Forks Over Knives (see above) all plant-based food (fruits, veg, beans and grains) contain approx 10% fat.

Think about it. Before technology how was oil extracted? Probably laboriously. So, while I will agree that we likely hunted for game (how much we caught is another debate), fished and scavenged SOME nuts and seeds, I highly doubt we were adding oil to everything the way we do today.

Add to this that agricultural is was only about 25,000 years ago (this is when we started owning land and domesticating animals). Do any of us actually think that wild animals were just standing around letting us milk them? And if not then where did the butter and cream in a Paleo diet come from... 

If in doubt take a survey of bodybuilders (the leanest people around) and ask them how many eat a high fat diet. The proof is in the pudding (or should I say the kale??)

(Super Yummy and Lean Kale Pasta)

OK Forget Weight, What about Other Health Problems??

Healthy fats are purported to help lower LDL and improve HDL cholesterol, protect against Alzheimers and MS and provide numerous anti-inflammatory benefits. Should we really be compromising our health just to look good??

It's a personal decision and you ALWAYS need to listen to your own body. That said, according to recent research it might not even be a decision.

Researchers are now saying that actually, excess fat is shown to be a risk factor in both heart disease and Alzheimers AND it can clog vessel walls leading to INCREASED risk of diabetes.

I know that I personally have been following a low-fat diet for about 7 years now. Not only have I not experienced any health problems related to this (or any health problems at all) my IBS has improved SIGNIFICANTLY. Turns out nothing bloats me out and makes me feel like puking more than those healthy fats!

So Why the About Face?

First they say fats are healthy, now they aren't.. WHAT GIVES!!!

Put simply, we are a culture of excess. If a little of something is good, then a lot must be great! Unfortunately, it rarely works that way. Too much of anything is harmful. It's all about dosage.

If you really have concerns re a low-fat diet OR if you want to compare its effectiveness to something like paleo or raw food then just try it out. NEVER let anyone talk you into a diet that makes you feel like poop!

That said, if you are interested in the bikini lifestyle keep reading. I'll be sharing diet tips, recipes, workout and beauty tips to help you reach your

MAXIM POTENTIAL! (Like... the magazine. girls in bikinis. You get it!)

(Me Giving into My Inner Model. HEY! I'm Only 38! It could happen.....)





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